The Setting Comes to Life!

14 Dec

Marion Bridge takes place in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, a long way from the rainforest of Vancouver, a location to which none of us had ever been.  We had done a fair amount of armchair travelling while researching the setting but pictures and stories can never replace actually experiencing a place.

Then, lo and behold, my daughter made the decision to go to school in New Brunswick and I finally had the perfect opportunity and excuse to make a trip to the Maritimes!  After getting Kate settled in her new abode, we left on a week-long car trip from Moncton NB to Halifax and then across to Cape Breton.

We made Baddeck our home base and explored the rest of the Island through several day trips.  One afternoon we took off in the driving rain and strong wind and drove up the coast as far as Ingonish.  I had wanted to go all the way to Cape North but the weather made the road conditions quite scary, so we stopped at Ingonish for a lovely dinner before heading back to Baddeck.

Another day we drove up and over through Sydney and then down to Marion Bridge itself.  I was beside myself I was so excited!  The countryside around the bridge is beautiful, but the actual bridge is…pretty much nothing but a concrete overpass over the Mira river.  A wee bit disappointing, but completely in keeping with what is said about it in the play.

I was struck at how remote Cape Breton felt from the rest of the world.  Absolutely, wondrously beautiful and full of the nicest people in all of Canada (true of the whole Maritimes) but I can see how Agnes might have felt the need to escape when she was younger.

Being able to see and travel through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton was fantastic.  To breath in the setting of Marion Bridge was such a gift.


One Response to “The Setting Comes to Life!”

  1. Adam February 4, 2011 at 7:21 am #


    Great to see other folks across the country producing this play! One of my favourite plays, and my second-favourite Canadian movie. And…I’m originally from Marion Bridge! Hoping to move back there later this year.

    Break a leg with the production–I’ll be checking back to see how things are going. You’ve got fans in Cape Breton!

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