Love at First Read

7 Dec

This production of Marion Bridge began with the seed of the opening monologue. Terri needed a monologue for one of Warren Robertson’s acting classes. After reading and discarding dozens of plays looking for one that resonated, she used the time-honoured acting tool to expand her search – Google.  One monologue immediately spoke to her and seeped into her bones.  When she discovered it was taken from an actual play and not a stand alone, she was thrilled!  It was Agnes’ opening monologue from Daniel MacIvor’s Marion Bridge.

She made a trip to her favourite bookstore in Vancouver, Biz Books and bought the last remaining copy of Marion Bridge by Daniel McIvor. She went across the street and ordered a bowl of soup, a chai latte and began to read and she fell in love.

Then Terri did what every actress in love does; she texted her friends.   Rebecca and Jeanie came to Terri’s little studio work apartment and gathered on the floor around her stylish red coffee table.  As usual, Jeanie provided the snacks, Terri provided the tea and Rebecca provided the pencils.  Our first unofficial table-read of Marion Bridge began.

Terri asked, “Will you? Do you want to? Should we?” Jeanie and Rebecca said, “Yes. Yes. Yes!” Then Rebecca added a codicil of her own, “Only if we can find a director we all trust and like.” And so Terri sent an email to Susan Hogan, who said, “Let us meet for a table-read and talk about it.” They met, read and talked around a table in the reading room at PAL.   This time Susan provided the tea.  One more read-through and several discussions later, the decision was made – we were going forward!

Almost a year later Theatre of Infinity was formed to give birth to Vancouver’s newest production of Marion Bridge. We are thrilled, excited, daunted, sometimes overwhelmed, but always supremely happy to be gestating this story of three sisters from Cape Breton. We look forward to seeing you at the Havana in February, 2011!


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